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Anthony Castonzo on D&C: ‘I would be surprised’ if not a first-round pick

03.04.11 at 9:16 am ET

Boston College offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo appeared on the Dennis & Callahan show Friday morning. Castonzo is projected to be a first-round pick in April’€™s NFL draft. He talked about that, as well as what the NFL combine experience was like. To the hear the entire view, visit the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Castonzo started by discussing last week’€™s combine and what that whole process was like.

‘€œIt was a great experience,’€ he said. ‘€œIt was real hectic. I kind of got prepared for it when I went to the Senior Bowl just because that was really hectic, too. It was just, as soon as you finish one thing, you go right to the next. It’€™s a lot of, actually, mental stress, and then the last day is obviously the physical stress, just needing to put up the good numbers.’€

Castonzo talked about what it was like to interview with so many different teams and what happened behind closed doors.

‘€œThe process is actually pretty cool,’€ he said. ‘€œYou go into a room and you meet with probably 10 people who are sitting around ‘€” GMs, head coaches, O-line coaches, all the important people in a program. You meet for 15 minutes and then a horn blows and they’€™re like, ‘€˜All right, we’€™ve got to let you go.’€™ And then you go to the next room. I actually did that, the 15 minutes of interviews, for three straight hours one night. That was an interesting experience.

‘€œThey just ask you about your family, about different things like what you need to work on technique-wise. A couple teams actually put up some film and had me analyze it. It was crazy.’€

Castonzo said he did not meet the Patriots. He also said he would be surprised if he wasn’€™t a first-round pick. ‘€œAfter kind of what I’€™ve heard in the past, at the combine and just kind of what scouts and coaches have told, I would be surprised, yes,’€ Castonzo said.

He said he doesn’€™t know where in the first round he’€™ll be taken, though. ‘€œAs far as where I’€™m going to go, I literally have absolutely no idea,’€ Castonzo said. ‘€œEverybody’€™s been showing interest, but they’€™re pretty coy about their level of interest. And there’€™s still two months before the draft, so there’€™s still a lot of things that need to be worked out. Nobody really said, ‘€˜You’€™re our guy. We’€™re going to pick you if you’€™re there.’€™ ‘€Castonzo talked about some of the physical tests at the combine, too. He did 28 reps in the bench press, but Oregon State’€™s Stephen Paea did 49. Is that important?

‘€œPeople call that basically a pass/fail,’€ Castonzo said. ‘€œAs long as you get above a certain number, kind of like in the mid-20s, as long as you’€™re above there and show that you have the strength and that you can compete at that level, it’€™s fine. If you’€™re putting up 49, that’€™s just kind of freak strength. Twenty-eight was about average, what I was expecting.’€

As the guys suspected, the Wonderlic test wasn’€™t much of a challenge for Castonzo, who’€™s a bio-chem major and has said he wants to cure cancer when he’€™s done playing football.

‘€œI answered all 50 and I think there were three or four I wasn’€™t sure about,’€ he said. ‘€œSo I’€™m looking at probably the high 40s, maybe that elusive 50, but probably in the high 40s.’€

Castonzo also talked about teammate and linebacker Mark Herzlich and how Herzlich is dealing with being projected to be a fifth-rounder.

‘€œNothing really makes him mad any more because of the fact that he survived cancer,’€ Castonzo said. ‘€œJust the fact that he’€™s got the opportunity to go in the NFL draft and he’€™s got the opportunity to keep playing the game he loves, I think he thinks that whatever team drafts him is going to get a huge value pick, and I think the same thing. I mean, he played this entire last season having just got a rod put in his leg. Who knows how good he’€™s going to be in coming years?’€

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